About IBWS



IBWS is a series of successful international workshops dedicated to all aspects of high energy astrophysics and supporting ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes). Within these frameworks, the detailed program reflects the scientific interests of participants as we do not have invited talks but the contributions are submitted by the conference participants.

Originally, the IBWS (INTEGRAL/BART) workshops focused on the work of High energy astrophysics group (at that dime dominated by young research fellows and students) in Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and relevant national and international collaborators from the field, with intensive student participation. During the early years, these activities were focussed on the ESA INTEGRAL satellite and on the related ground-based robotic telescopes, e.g. the small robotic BART telescope at the Ondrejov Observatory.

Nowadays, the IBWS workshops promote regional collaboration in galactic and extragalactic high-energy astrophysics, both experimental as well as theoretical, with an emphasis on the interface between satellite projects and ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes). We continue our emphasis on wide participation and presentations of students and young research fellows.


Organising Committee

  • Veronika Marsikova | RITE | CZE
  • Martin Urban| CTU FEE | CZE
  • Ondřej Nentvich | CTU FEE | CZE

Scientific Committee

  • Rene Hudec, ASU CAS & CTU FEE, CZE [rene.hudec(at)gmail.com]
  • Martin Jelínek, ASU CAS, CZE
  • Attila Meszaros, CUNI, CZE
  • Vladimir Karas, ASU CAS, CZE
  • Thorsten Döhring, UAS, DEU
  • Karl Mannheim, JMU, DEU
  • Joern Wilms, Bamberg, DEU
  • Franco Giovannelli, INAF-IAPS, ITA
  • Klaus Schilling, JMU, DEU
  • Zsolt Bagoly, HUN

Accounting Organisation

  • Astronomical Institute,
    Czech Academy of Sciences, CZE


High Energy Astrophysics

Main Session Chair: René Hudec (rene.hudec@gmail.com

Both theoretical as well as observational (satellite-based as well as ground-based) aspects of high energy (X-ray and gamma-ray) and very high energy astrophysics, both galactic and extragalactic, gamma-ray bursts and time-domain astronomy.


Gamma-Ray Bursts & Robotic Telescopes

Main Session Chair: Martin Jelinek (mates@asu.cas.cz

Gamma Ray Bursts studies with emphasis on follow up observations by robotic telescopes. Transient astronomy in general, flaring, flashing and transient astrophysical objects and methods and techniques for their analyses including real time image processing.

Small satellites & Instrumental session

Main Session Chair: Vladimír Dániel (daniel@vzlu.cz

All aspects of small satellites (pico, nano, micro, CubeSats), projects presentations, scientific payloads for these satellites. Satellite projects for High Energy astrophysics in general. Rocket experiments. Ground-based support for satellite projects and high energy astrophysics – robotic telescopes, data analyses.